FM Radio Advertising

FM radio stations across Australia distinguish themselves from their AM counterparts by focusing heavily on music and programmes run by celebrities with heavy comedic bents. By filling the gap that the AM stations leave out, FM appeals to the younger spectrum of the Australian population. Key types of programming include:

  • Comedy Breakfast Radio – All stations in this sector have breakfast shows hosted by a team of comedians that mix modern music, latest news (generally celebrity gossip) and regular competitions. They also include small amounts of audience interactions, but generally this only occurs to win a prize as opposed to engaging in conversations like talkback.
  • Popular Music – The vast majority of the day and night on FM bands is repeatedly playing the latest popular music on their stations and launching new artists. The Australian Top 40 music chart shows and user-voted top music programmes have wide teenage and young adult appeal.
  • Drive Shows – generally on air between 4-6pm, these drive home shows have some of the largest audiences as many tune in for light entertainment and comedy after their day at work.
  • Niche stations – there are many small community and volunteer stations that have a wide variety of shows on their own stations ranging from community specific, music genre specific and then culturally based. It is hard to collect all these stations together as a unified object, but best to look at each individual program to decide which is best.

Starting a FM Radio Advertising Campaign

The process of starting a FM radio advertising campaign is very similar to starting an AM campaign. With Radio Results experience working closely with FM stations over the last 20 years, there is plenty of stations to choose from and hence why it would be best for businesses to use an independent advertising broker to help remove the headaches in actually getting one of these campaigns started.

Top FM Radio Stations By Location

2DAY FM - Sydney

After being granted a radio license in 1980, 2Day FM was started by well-known media players John Laws, Mike Willesee, Village, & Graham Kennedy. Starting with easy listening, towards the late 80s/early 90s they shifted to more popular music, even including hip hop and dance music. Having some of the highest rating shows in Australia on its network currently (Kyle & Jackie-O, Hamish & Andy), it has bounced back after a troubled few years. Find out more about Sydney Radio Advertising

Nova 100 FM - Melbourne

Nova 100 started broadcasting as of December 2001 and it was the first new radio station for over 21 years in the capital city of Victoria. Known for many years for never playing more than two ads in a row, they have recently gone ahead and increased the amount of spots in their programming. Great news for those that want to advertise on the network! Find out more about Melbourne Radio Advertising

B105 FM - Brisbane

After going through a number of owners, a number of name changes, and even moving from the AM band to FM, the current B105 is part of Brisbane's Austero network. Up until 2006, it was Brisbane's highest rating station. If you want to find out more about Brisbane Radio Advertising, then this is a great station to start with!

Radio Advertising Benefits

Radio can be accessed anywhere, anytime by anybody. Here's our top 5 reasons why we think radio advertising works:


Radio Advertising Costs

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