Radio Advertising Jargon

Like every industry, radio stations have their own specialised vocabulary for radio advertising. In order to have a better understanding of any discussions and proposals you have with radio station sales reps, I've prepared the following glossary of commonly used radio advertising jargon. Once you know what it means, it's basically common sense combined with a few mathematical terms and on the whole, fairly easy to understand.

Now I'm sure this is not a complete list of radio advertising jargon, so if there's a word or phrase used that you're not sure of, please let me know and I'll add it to the list.

Average Frequency

Date: 05-Dec-2014

Cost Per Thousand (CPM)

Date: 05-Dec-2014

Cumulative Audience (or Cumes)

Date: 05-Dec-2014

Effective Frequency

Date: 05-Dec-2014

Exclusive Audience

Date: 05-Dec-2014

Gross Impacts

Date: 05-Dec-2014

Maximum Reach

Date: 05-Dec-2014

Multi-Station Cume

Date: 05-Dec-2014

Net Reach (1+ Reach)

Date: 05-Dec-2014

Station Share

Date: 05-Dec-2014

Time Spent Listening

Date: 05-Dec-2014

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