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Do you want to do your first Sydney radio advertising campaign but you're not sure which radio station is best for you?

There are over 20 commercial radio stations in Sydney, so you're not alone in trying to work out which radio station will give you the best return on your radio advertising budget. Here's a list of the major ones along with my view on their individual strengths.

BEFORE you read on, you might like to first find out why you need an independent radio advertising consultant to help you with your campaign.

2GB 873 AM

2GB news and talk

This high profile and high rating AM radio station specialises in news and talk. Not only the presenters well known, I've found over the years that they all really understand the importance of a successful advertising campaign. They take a genuine interest in their advertising clients especially for live read commercials when they can sometimes talk passionately about a product or service they know about personally for over 60 seconds for a paid 30 second spot!

2GB is the #1 station in Sydney with 522,000 different weekly listeners. One of the best advertising benefits of 2GB is that they have segmented every part of the 24 hour day and 7 day week into a well defined program - for example every Saturday from 4pm to 8pm is the Caravan, Camping & 4WD Show. This helps me when I'm working with you on your radio advertising campaign to define the most suitable show for your specific product or service.

2UE 954 AM

2UE news talk

2UE News Talk is on the AM dial and is Australia's oldest commercial radio station. The primary audience focus for 2UE are adults between the age of 35 and 64 (154,000 different weekly listeners in this age group). 2UE is owned by the Fairfax Radio Network so if you are considering a national radio advertising campaign, I can use my inside knowledge of the industry to negotiate on your behalf for a package deal based on the 5 capital cities of Australia.

2CH 1170 AM

2CH Happy Days

2CH was re-branded in 2014 as the music station for Sydney's Baby Boomers. It has been an immediate success, ratings-wise, so it's definitely a radio station worth considering if you're seeking to target Sydney's affluent adult audience - especially with a product or service that has a lifestyle focus. In fact, it's not too big a stretch to say that 2CH could be Sydney's most cost effective major radio station, given it reaches over 108,000 unique listeners in the 55-69 year old age bracket every week.

WSFM 101.7 FM

WSFM Pure Gold

WSFM delivers a measured combination of music, personality and intelligent content to the Gen X age group audience (40 - 54 year olds). Over 2/3rds of WSFM listeners are married or in a de facto relationship so radio advertising campaigns that target family, responsibilities, everyday life and social activities always perform well. WSFM are the highest rating station for a Sydney radio advertising campaign targeting Gen-X listeners with 251,000 unique listeners every week.

Need More Information?

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