The problem with contacting a number of radio stations

If you don't use our services, then instead you'll need to contact a few radio stations and go through the process of providing each one of them with a radio advertising brief - a series of questions you'll need to answer in detail on your objectives, your target market and your budget.

After you've filled in the same sort of question form a number of times, they'll each then send you a detailed proposal, and each will then start the process of closing the deal. Does that sound like a waste of time and a hassle? Well that's not the half of it...

Without doubt, whatever your target market is, each of the radio advert proposals you receive will look very similar. They will each have a series of brightly coloured charts indicating the statistical research that shows their particular radio station is the best one for you. So, now what do you do? Make a price based decision? Go with the sale rep you liked the most? Decide it's all too hard, and give up on growing your business via radio ads?

The problem with contacting a single radio station

Another approach might be to just ring up the radio station that you most listen to and get a proposal from them. But how do you know whether you're getting a competitive price for your radio ad package or that your product or service really does suit the demographic of that radio station?

The advantage of an independent radio advertising consultant

There has to be a better way - and there is. Sue Hetherington has more than 25 years of experience in the Australian marketplace. With so many radio stations to consider, you need an expert independent consultant like Sue on your side.

Radio Results doesn't just promote one or two radio stations - Sue provides independent consulting and advice on all the commercial radio stations in Australia. Just like mortgage brokers advise you on the best deal for your home loan, Sue advises you on the best radio station for your next radio advertising campaign.

Radio Results is your one-stop-shop for:

  • Research, based on the most recent data from the leading radio industry research companies in Australia;
  • Planning advertising "schedules" to reach your target market in the most cost-effective way;
  • Buying air-time at the best possible rates with all the commercial AM and FM radio stations;
  • Managing local, regional and national campaigns; and
  • Organising the writing and production of your commercials using national personalities and professional voice-overs.

About Sue Hetherington

Sue started her radio advertising career in 1989 and has established long-lasting and strong relationships with Australia's leading commercial radio networks.

Over the years Sue has met with hundreds of businesses and during that time one problem became consistently apparent. After several meetings with different radio stations and a lot of accumulated facts and figures, the prospective radio advertiser would be left with an overwhelming situation - all the stations looked as if they would be the right one to advertise on!

In 2007, Sue decided to take away the pain and hours of time deliberating on who to advertise with by forming Radio Results - an independent radio advertising consultant service that makes all the decisions for you based on tangible data. As well as 25 years of inside information and industry secrets to get you a better deal!

Contact Sue NOW!

Sue specialises in taking a totally impartial approach and focusing on what is best for your business by researching all the radio stations and helping you select the one that is most likely to produce the best radio results for you.

To take advantage of these specialised services, please fill in the contact form below or call me now on (02) 9114 9927.