The cost of radio ads are strongly influenced by the type of radio campaign you run. There are 3 main types of radio ad campaigns - Recorded Ads, Live Reads and Advertorials.

Recorded Ads

These are the most common type of radio ads - a professional voice over of a script, though sometimes done by the business owner themselves, especially if they have a high profile. The script is written by a copywriter and is the most important element for this type of campaign - it identifies the problem, provides a solution and finishes with a well-crafted call to action.

A popular variation of a recorded ad is a jingle - a short tune that contains a hook (or a call to action). Jingles are typically more expensive to produce than a voice-over and on-going royalty fees may be payable, but a catchy jingle can often keep the product or service being offered in the heads of the listening audience for days, weeks or even years!

This type of commercial is the quickest to get on air - most voice-overs can be done within a week, so it's great for a campaign that needs to be started quickly.

Live Reads

A "live read" is once again based upon a carefully prepared script but instead of being pre-recorded its read "live" by the announcer. Live reads are typically more expensive than a recorded ad because the announcer is offering a personal endorsement. This adds substantial credibility to your product or service because the audience is hearing from a "friend" or a trusted influencer.

It's interesting to note that most high profile announcers in Australia are very aware of the importance of a successful live read, and they have been known to talk passionately about a product or service for longer than the paid time.

A great tactic for having a live read delivered with a genuinely personal touch is to invite the announcer to your premises to see your products or services and to meet your staff.


The term advertorial was devised form a combination of the words advertisement and editorial. We often see advertorials on television talk shows where hosts are discussing products or services with business representatives (think of morning talk shows such as Sunrise).

On radio, advertorials can feature discussions between an announcer or host and someone that is representing the business. Their discussion could include customer testimonials or even personal endorsements from the announcer themselves. Generally, there is no limit to the types of products to be featured.

Looking for Expert Advice?

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