Do you need to get some information together on radio advertising rates? If so, here's the 4 most important factors that affect the rates you pay for radio advertising:

#1 - The Time of the Day

Most radio stations say there are 6 sessions per day - and as you can imagine the breakfast session has a far bigger listening audience than the midnight to dawn session. So it's important to consider the trade-off between what session best suits your product versus the cost of advertising in that session.

#2 - The Length of the Commercial

Most radio commercials are 30 seconds long, however you can purchase 15, 45 and 60 second slots as well. A 60 second commercial suits products that need explanation whereas a 15 second ad suits a consumer friendly brand with a well-defined call to action.

#3 - The Type of Commercial

Most radio commercials are pre-recorded. Other options includes live-reads (by the announcer) and live-crosses (to the advertiser). Radio advertising rates are lower for pre-recorded commercials, but the added benefit of personal endorsement or interaction often significantly increase the number of responses to the ad.

#4 - The Popularity of the Radio Station

An independent research company measures the audience size for each radio station according to a number of criteria. Radio stations use these numbers to position themselves in the market and to set their radio advertising rates.

Expert Advice on Radio Advertising Rates

As you can see, there's a lot to consider when working out your radio advertising budget. One option to consider is whether it makes sense to use the services of an independent radio advertising expert. Someone that has detailed knowledge of all the radio stations and who can provide advice on the most cost-effective way to run a successful radio advertising campaign.

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