Radio advertising in January is a great idea because there's always good deals available from the radio stations.

Special January Advertising Deals

The main reason is not because audience numbers are down - in fact the listening audience numbers are virtually unchanged. It's because so many big-company decision makers are on holidays so they're not booking radio advertising.  This means the radio stations need to keep their advertising revenues up by offering special holiday packages at great discounts.

In other words, you get to reach almost as many people for a lot less money.

Plus a More Receptive Audience

I personally think that listeners are more relaxed over the holiday period and so are more receptive to a fresh new radio advertising campaign.

It's also a great time if you are considering your first ever radio advertising campaign and you want to keep costs as low as you can until you're sure radio advertising works for your business.

And if your business isn't seasonal, you can really get an edge on your competition with radio advertising in January.

Lifesyle, Home and Family Campaigns work well in January

Some popular January advertising campaigns include

  • Retail (New Year sales),
  • Child Education sessions,
  • Weight Loss Products,
  • Health Clubs,
  • Car Wash,
  • Naturopathic Products,
  • Holiday Accommodation,
  • Restaurants, and
  • Home Improvements.

Act NOW to Get the Best Deals

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The clock is literally ticking in this case, so the sooner you contact me, the better the chances are that I can secure you a great January advertising campaign at a big discount.

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