It’s official. Radio has a huge influence on how often we eat out.

According to the latest Finding Consumer Trends Report, one out of two radio listeners dine out at least once a week, while 30 percent are dining out more frequently than before. Basically, it has revealed how much radio influences a listener’s dining habits.

The report found:

  • 90% of respondents eat out at least once a month and 54% eat out at least once a week
  • When asked about their top three favourite types of food, Australian cuisine was the most popular choice for 39% of respondents, followed by Chinese (37%), Italian (27%) and Thai (25%)
  • 47% are more interested in a restaurant after hearing about it from their favourite radio personalities
  • When eating at home, 35% have used a meal delivery service
  • 31% said their kitchen needs to have new cookware and 28% said it needs large appliances
  • Over 1/3 are not sure what they’re doing for dinner on any given day
  • 29% said radio advertisements influence their meal time decisions

"Australians are eating out more frequently and there is growing interest in food trends, meal services and cooking classes. Radio can be used successfully to influence the consumer decision-making process in these areas", says Joan Warner, CEO of Commercial Radio Australia.

What is most revealing about the results overall is that people are influenced greatly by the radio they listen to, and that consumers today value what their favourite radio presenters recommend or talk about.

With that in mind, why Radio Advertising?

Radio is a good medium for direct response advertisements, especially when dealing with food related items such as; homewares, dining out, fast food chains and even cookware.

It’s the type of advertising that can easily reach and impact people immediately in their everyday lives.

Approximately 90 percent of consumers over the age of 12 listen to the radio at some point during the day and is widely considered a more intimate way to effectively advertise.

When you think about it, its people talking to people using emotion. If your favourite radio personality is telling you how often he or she eats at their favourite Chinese restaurant in your local area, you’re bound to give it a go.


The evolution of media influencing our eating habits has been growing in speed since the 1930’s when radio advertisements first started. Fast forward to the 21st century and in a general day of watching TV and listening to the radio, viewers can watch and listen to 45 advertising commercials every day.

What’s good about radio advertising is that radio networks use the above findings to learn what’s important to their audiences, and target specific and highly effective marketing campaigns when approaching advertisers in the food industry.

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For more information on the Dining Habits Summary, visit theRadio Alive website.