As well as the 3 radio stations based on the Gold Coast (SEA FM, GOLD FM and HOT TOMATO), there are also a number of other stations that reach or overlap with the official Gold Coast radio region. So how do you know which is best for your radio advertising campaign?

The Problem with Contacting Radio Stations about Radio Advertising

I'd like to say up front that I've got absolutely nothing against sales reps from radio stations - after all I was one myself for over 20 years! But the problem you'll quickly find is that they've all got great presentations on why their radio station is the best one for your Gold Coast radio advertising campaign. So now what do you do? Go with the sales rep you liked the most, or go with the cheapest quote? Or decide it's all too hard and give up on radio advertising?

Independent advice on your Gold Coast Radio Advertising campaign

Just like mortgage brokers advise you on the best deal for your home loan, a great alternative to calling radio stations is to contact a radio advertising consultant who will provide you with genuinely independent advise on how to maximise your profits from running a successful radio advertising campaign. For more details, please read the article on using the services of anIndependent Radio Advertising Consultant.

How Much Does a Gold Coast Radio Advertising Campaign Cost?

One of the best things about radio advertising is that there are options for every budget. In broad terms you should consider a minimum Gold Coast campaign would be $5,000. For more information on the costs of radio advertising, please read the article on Radio Advertising Costs.

Is This the First Time You've Considered Radio Advertising?

If so, you may still be wondering whether spending money on radio advertising is a good idea. Don't worry - you're not alone and that's why I've written an article called the 10 Golden Benefits of Radio Advertising.

The Best Way to Get FREE Expert Advice on Your Gold Coast Radio Advertising Campaign

I'm based in Sydney, but for the first week of September I've got meetings planned with prospective clients on the Gold Coast. So because I'm there already, I'd like to make a great offer to anyone seeking some face-to-face FREE expert advice on radio advertising.

Normally there's a a service fee of $286 for the comprehensive and independent report I prepare for you on your radio advertising strategy - along with my recommendation. BUT for the whole month of September, I'll waive the service fee for anybody who is considering running a Gold Coast campaign. And if you contact me before the 5th, I'd be delighted to meet up with you as well and have a FREE no-obligation discussion about your radio advertising ideas.

To take advantage of this very special offer, just give me a call on my mobile - 0418-285-151 or if you prefer, complete the form on the Contact Us form. I'm strictly limiting this to the first 6 people who respond, so contact me NOW to reserve your free report.

And remember - I specialise in helping businesses with their first ever radio advertising campaign and I have over 25 years experience in running campaigns that MAKE MONEY.