With the explosion of smartphones, more and more people carry their music with them everywhere. But what has also happened is that Apple (and others) introduced podcasting - the ability for radio shows to be recorded, saved and automatically updated into peoples portable music devices so they can catch their particular program at a time that is convenient to them, rather than the original broadcast time slot.

The major radio stations decided that they would offer this service for some of their more people shows and now virtually all of the popular programmes (predominately on FM radio networks) have a podcast version of the show for download within hours of the shows completion.

Radio Podcast Advertising

Radio Results is in a position to negotiate deals in order to have your business or brand advertised on all podcasts put out by the major stations. These ads generally appear at the beginning and the end of each recording, and some even allow branding to appear on the "cover shot" of the podcast.

It might not work out for every industry or every product, but that insight can come from the Radio Results team. We can determine impartially as to whether or not it would be an effective means of advertising on radio.

If the opportunity to advertise on podcasts is exciting to you, please contact Radio Results and organise a time for us to determine whether or not it will be of benefit.

Radio & Online Mix Well

Here are some good points from Commercial Radio Australia about how well Internet and radio fit together when advertising:

  • Radio & the Internet can be consumed simultaneously
  • Radio is the BEST medium to direct people to websites for more detailed information.
  • Radio adds a strong emotional profile to an internet message.
  • Commercial radio stations online presence complement the audio-air services.
  • Radio stations online properties can extend the stations reach and that of the advertisers
  • Referring listeners to a website allows the brand to reinforce its brand name in the URL on-air in addition to being able to measure response to a radio campaign call-to-action quite easily.
  • CRA study found that 81% of people who hear a relevant ad referring to a website have visited the website as a result.

What Does This Mean For You?

With this information in mind, it is comforting to know that your options are broad. However, deciding between all of the potential options for advertising with radio stations is not easy for the i