Outlined below are a couple of the most common and expensive mistakes made by Sydney businesses when considering radio advertising, without a proper understanding of radio ratings and how they work.

MISTAKE #1 - Assuming Radio Ratings

A lot of Sydney business owners who are considering radio advertising listen to their favourite radio station on the commute to work and think: “I need an advertisement on this station!”

This is one of the quickest ways to waste money with radio advertising. Initiating a campaign with a radio station you like, or you thinkwill get you the best exposure because it’s a popular station… without a realistic understanding of the radio ratings (backed by data) is one of the most common and most expensive mistakes you can make. A thorough analysis of the radio ratings in Sydney is required, as quite often the most popular radio station may not necessarily reach the very specific audience your business is targeting.

MISTAKE #2 - Asking the stations about their radio ratings

Getting started by directly contacting the radio station you want to advertise with is not going to help you get a wider understanding of the market.

For Sydney businesses who do chose to deal directly with a radio station to plan their advertising campaign, whilst the station will analyse their Sydney ratings in order to construct a proposal, it won’t necessarily be the most cost-effective or results-focused campaign available - as they're never going to analyse your objectives, understand your target audience, and then advise you that they’re not the best station for your needs.

Instead, you should always start by thoroughly evaluating your target audience and gaining a clear and precise understanding of your objectives, in order to find a station who will most successfully reach your ideal customers. Learn more about the Critical First Steps in Radio Advertising here.

So, how do you find the right radio station to advertise with?

We know what you’re thinking… you’ve defined your objectives and target audience, but how are you supposed to find the right place to advertise if you can’t go directly to the stations to get a fair deal? This is why Radio Results exists – as an independent radio advertising consultant who can help you navigate the market by analysing radio ratings Sydney data.

Analysing Radio Ratings in Sydney

As a radio advertising expert with over 20 years’ experience navigating the airways, Sue from Radio Results has perfected the art of accessing and analysing the raw ratings data of all commercial radio stations in Sydney to deliver her clients optimal results. This is achieved by carefully considering your businesses’ specific target audience and advertising goals, and then matching your specific goals to the radio station that gives you the best chances of successfully reaching your objectives.

Sue also analyses radio ratings data from all commercial stations in the country, to assist interstate or nation-wide organisations.

To learn more about Sue and how Radio Results can help you, please read our 'About Us' page.

For further information or advice, call Radio Results today on (02) 9114 9927, or fill out the contact form.