Father's Day is an opportunity once a year to thank Dad for all that he does. So if you have a product or service that suits all fathers, a radio advertising campaign that runs in the lead up to the first Sunday in September could be one of your best marketing decisions in 2020.

You Need to Act Now if You Want to be On-air in Time

This year, Father's Day in Australia is on September 3rd, so a two-week campaign needs to be on-air by Monday August 24th. Because this is a time-critical campaign, I recommend a promotion campaign based upon a strong call to action - for example "phone us now to secure a table with a view". This is not the time for a branding campaign, you need a live read or a tightly written recorded ad that asks your target audience to take immediate action.

Is This the First Time You've Considered Radio Advertising?

If so, I recommend you read my article on theproblem with contacting a number of radio stations. In summary, every sales rep at every radio station has a great presentation on why their station is the best for your campaign and you are likely to get very confused and end up deciding it's all too hard.

The Best Way to Get Your Father's Day Radio Advertising On-air

The quickest and easiest way to get your ad campaign up and running is to use the services of an independent radio advertising consultant. Like a home loan broker, this person does not represent one radio station, nor even one media group. Instead, they work with all the radio stations and present you with a written report along with a recommendation on which radio station best suits your budget and your target audience.

Why Contacting Radio Results Makes Good Business Sense

I've been involved in successful Father's Day campaigns for over 2 decades so I know all the ins and outs on how to get you the best spots at the best possible rates. So in order to get you ad on the air in time to make the most of the two-week lead-up to Father's Day, you need to act quickly! Give me a call right now - my mobile would be best - 0418-285-151 - and together we'll get your campaign going up and running within a week.

Or if you prefer, complete the webform and I'll contact you within two business hours to discuss your campaign. Remember - I specialise in helping businesses with their first-ever radio advertising campaign.