Mothers Day Radio Advertising

Sometime in early May each year the search in Google for "When is Mother's Day" begins to reach a panicked spike. Partners, husbands, children and grandparents will all be searching and thinking of ways to spend money to help celebrate the mothers in their lives.

If you’re in marketing it’s your job to think of creative Mother’s Day marketing ideas to help make your customer’s buying decision a little easier …

It’s hard to know who loves Mother’s Day more, the Mum or those doing the giving.

There’s another party that enjoys this day, and that’s canny retailers who know how to make the most out of this unique retail opportunity. They know there’s no better way to get foot traffic moving and the cash register ringing, than with a strategically planned and brilliantly executed radio advertising campaign.

Just a little effort, sprinkled with a bit of radio advertising magic could produce great results for your business.

Here are six important reasons why your business needs a radio advertising campaign on Mother's Day.

#1 Feast Not Famine

Christmas is always good for business. If only you could spread the cash-flow across the entire year. Being in May, Mother’s Day is perfectly placed between Easter and the end of financial year. It’s an opportunity to see customers who have a desire to spend money, and a deadline by which to do it.

#2 Cash in on a Tradition

The celebration of Mother’s Day goes back to the early 20th century, and in America there was a push to make it a Public Holiday. While flowers and chocolates have traditionally done well, gifts such as appliances, furniture, electronic equipment and entertainment have all been put on the list by givers looking for ways of showing their appreciation and love.

#3 The Final Word

It’s true. Radio has the last word with shoppers. They can hear your commercial before they leave home and in the car on the way to the point of purchase. Being the last word means your name is front of mind at decision time.

#4 A Successful Combo

With the growth of social media and internet advertising, radio has become a powerful ally. It’s often in the background while people are looking online. Radio can also be scheduled around potential web surfing hours. And it’s also in places where the internet is not, such as in the car or doing chores outdoors.

#5 The Right Frequency

Radio advertising builds frequency with listeners. If they forget your message you can tell them again, and again. With radio you can target specific audiences by age, sex, geography and income. And Mother’s Day just isn’t limited to the mum in your customers' lives. There’s wives, daughters, grandmothers, sisters, godmothers, children, dads and partners.

#6 A Big Idea

Radio can also tie in with a specific promotion or offer such as a two for one at a cinema or restaurant, or an upselling, bundling or cross selling opportunity like earrings and necklace. For those that can’t decide what to buy, there is always the option of a gift voucher from your store.

Get on The Air Within 7 Days

Radio Results takes the guesswork out of radio placement, pricing, and can show you how to increase traffic and improve sales this Mother’s Day. We can create a specific plan designed to help you reach your target audience.

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