If money wasn’t an issue, you’d schedule your radio commercials every week of every year. That’s a luxury even the big boys can’t afford. Considering it’s said 50% or more of all advertising is wasted, it would be a costly luxury as well.

But there is no need to use a steam roller to crack a walnut.

Experienced radio advertisers know it’s better to outsmart than outspend - all you need is a few insider tips. Improve your reach and you’ll have more people inquiring about your service, without it costing any more of your hard earned budget.

Here are 5 simple but effective ways to improve your radio advertising:

#1 Get a picture of your audience

Using listener surveys, there is a large amount of information gathered by every radio station. Not just on listening habits, but on income, occupation, age groups and where listeners live. The better profile you can provide, the easier it is to match with the correct station, announcer and session.

#2 Timing

Every business has good times and bad. Over many years, a pattern emerges and while it might be hard to explain, it does provide opportunities when it comes to the placement of your radio adverts. Take a long term look at the year. Mark in key times such as Christmas, Mother’s Day or End of Financial Year. Are you a summer sort of product, or one that can be needed all year round? Once you know the best times of the year to be advertising, it’s just a matter of building a campaign around them.

#3 Be Flexible on Placement

How much do radio ads costs? Like the length of a piece of string it can vary. If you have firm ideas about where you want your radio adverts to be placed, like at the same time every day, or only in the one program you may pay a premium. If you are happy for the station to rotate your commercial through selected sessions or all sessions, then there will be quite a saving, and maybe a better opportunity to negotiate. There is also a strategic benefit from being spread over the ‘run of station’ as you are increasing the reach of your schedule with every new listener that hears your commercial.

#4 The King can be a Commoner

The top rating personalities usually have a price ticket to match. While their show may increase your leads, what has each individual lead cost? Also, is the top presenter broadcasting at a time when your business is open to answer any enquiries that come in via email or phone? Maybe that presenter while rating the highest, isn’t popular with the people that like your product. Radio “gold” might also be found at a lower rating radio station that can provide a niche market at a lower cost and without wastage.

#5 Take a Week off

After a number of weeks of radio advertising, it might be a good time to take a week or two off. When you come back, your awareness will have fallen a little bit, but you are not starting again at zero. Once exposed to your radio advert again, listeners will remember. Maybe treat your hiatus as a chance to experiment with other media, or use the time for a dedicated social media campaign. The more control you have over your schedule, the more you’ll get to know what works and when it works, and what you can expect in sales, both short term and long.

Get On Air Within a Week

Make your radio advertising work hard for you. Follow the tips, and benefit from the knowledge of experts.

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