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The Importance of Christmas Radio Advertising

November 01, 2017

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Is radio advertising in the build-up to Christmas a good idea? Absolutely! In today’s digital age, radio is probably not the first thing that comes to mind when you’re thinking about ways to advertise this Christmas season. Especially since the days of social media and Facebook, radio...

Radio Podcast Advertising

September 01, 2017

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With the explosion of smartphones, more and more people carry their music with them everywhere. But what has also happened is that Apple (and others) introduced podcasting - the ability for radio shows to be recorded, saved and automatically...

Radio Advertising Rates

September 01, 2017

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Do you need to get some information together on radio advertising rates? If so, here's the 4 most important factors that affect the rates you pay for radio advertising: #1 - The Time of the Day Most radio stations say there are 6 sessions per day - and as...

How Much Does a Radio Ad Cost?

August 01, 2017

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The cost of radio ads are strongly influenced by the type of radio campaign you run. There are 3 main types of radio ad campaigns - Recorded Ads, Live Reads and Advertorials. Recorded Ads These are the most common type of radio ads - a professional voice over of...

Fathers Day Radio Advertising

August 01, 2017

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Father's Day is an opportunity once a year to thank Dad for all that he does. So if you have a product or service that suits all fathers, a radio advertising campaign that runs in the lead up to the first Sunday in September could be one...

Radio Adverts - 5 Secret Strategies

July 22, 2017

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If money wasn’t an issue, you’d schedule your radio commercials every week of every year. That’s a luxury even the big boys can’t afford. Considering it’s said 50% or more of all advertising is wasted, it would be a costly luxury as well. But there is no...

Radio Advertising Campaign - End of Financial Year

May 15, 2017

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Have you been hearing ads on the radio from some of the largest retailers about the tax advantages of purchasing products from them before the end of the financial year? Have you also got a product or service that can be marketed to businesses based on the same...

Mothers Day Radio Advertising

April 01, 2017

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The look on their faces and the delight in their eyes. It’s hard to know who loves Mother’s Day more, the person getting the presents or those doing the giving. But there’s another party that enjoys this day and that’s canny retailers who know how to make...

Benefits of Radio Advertising

March 14, 2017

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I truly believe radio advertising is a very effective way to increase your sales  - here's my 10 Golden Benefits of Radio Advertising: 1. Radio Reaches a Huge Audience The latest 2015 survey results show the number of people listening to radio is continuing to increase. In Australia, over 10 million people...

How I Use Office 365 to Keep in Touch

March 01, 2017

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This week I'm catching up with my radio advertising contacts in wonderful Wellington, a city I really enjoy visiting. But just because I'm away from my Sydney office doesn't mean I can't continue to service my existing clients or respond quickly to new inquiries from my website. Easy...

Cost of Radio Advertising

February 01, 2017

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Radio advertising is one of the most effective forms of advertising available. However, the cost of reaching a targeted audience will vary depending on how long the ad is, what time the ad plays and what day of the week it is played. How does each of...

Valentines Day Radio Advertising

January 07, 2017

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Valentines Day means romance so if you have a product or service that suits a romantic mood, a radio advertising campaign that runs in the lead up to February 14th could be one of your best marketing decisions in 2017. Have a Strong Call To Action Because this is...